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Placing pixels randomly/everywhere on this painting is forbidden!

To prevent this, only place pixels like you would draw with a pen

This limitation is still being tested and may be removed in the future

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icon Welcome to Pixelplace.io!

Pixelplace is a real-time multiplayer game where you place colored pixels on giants paintings.

How it works

Pick a color (on the right panel), and click on a painting to start placing pixels

- Use Left Click or hold SPACE BAR to draw pixels

- Hold Right Click to move the painting

- Use Scroll Wheel to zoom

- Use Middle Click to pick a color from the painting

- Use 1 finger to place pixels on a painting

- Hold 1 finger to move painting

- Zoom with 2 fingers

We recommend to play Pixelplace.io on a computer screen to get the best experience

Paintings list

Check out thousands of user created paintings or create your own and bring your friends to draw in real-time on it.

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Updated every 12 minutes

Pixels Placed

Players with the most pixels placed

Veteran Players

Oldest accounts that are still active

True Generosity

Best ratio of gifts sent vs gifts received


Active players with the most followers


Live Users tracking Premium
Display active users on the painting (next to their last pixel placed)
Hotkey: T
Save Users tracking Premium
Save pixels and their owners into your browser cache so you can check later who placed pixels on a given position. Use SHIFT + LEFT CLICK on the painting to get cached usernames (if there is)
Hotkey: L
Pixel Grid
Display a pixel grid on top of the painting
Hotkey: H
Lock Movement
Prevent the painting from moving
Hotkey: M
Protection flashing
Flash protected areas when you try to draw on it.
Painting owners can protect parts of the painting to prevent griefing
Zoom buttons
Display zoom buttons at the top right of your screen


Display notifications
Display chat pop-up notifications
Display friends notifications
Display notifications when a friend goes online/offline
Display Guild tags
Display Guild tags in chat
Display Timestamps
Display a timestamp for each individual message in chat
Invisible mode
Your followers won't be notified and no one will see you online. Note: This option will disable your social panel


- Hold Left Click to draw pixels

- Hold Right Click or to move the painting

- Use Scroll Wheel to zoom

- Use Middle Click to pick a color from the painting

- When you zoom or move the painting, your position is saved in your browser address bar, share the url to others players to let them see where you are painting!

- Click on a username to view its profile (you can even see where he is drawing Premium)

- Press Enter to open the chat input

- Username colors in the chat reflect their selected color

- Left Click on a username to display its profile, guild and stats

- Hold Shift + Left Click on a username to mention it in the chat

- Press T to enable Live users trackingPremium

- Press C to open or close Chat panel

- Press G to open or close Guild panel

- Press H to show Pixel grid

- Press F to open or close Social panel

- Press * to display or hide interface

- Press + to zoom in

- Press - to zoom out

Chat icons



Chat moderator

Premium subscriber (1 year plan)

Premium subscriber (3 months plan)

Premium subscriber (1 month plan)

Nitro (Discord booster)

VIP (Given by admins & moderators to a very few amazing people)

Discord Bread

Top 3 Gifter

Top Discord Booster

Painting Owner

Painting Moderator

Guild points

+10 point for each guild member

+20 points for each member recently active on a Painting

+20 points for each member active in the last 24h on a Painting

+20 to 100 points (depending of member total activity since he joined) for each member active the last few days on a Painting

+X battle points (war reward)

Create Painting

Everyone can place pixels on your painting
Approval Premium
Players must be approved before being able to place pixels.
You can also give moderation rights to some of your players to help you manage this
Owner Premium
Only you are allowed to place pixels.
Guild Premium
Players must be in the same guild as you to be able to place pixels (you don't need to be the guild leader)
Twitch Subscribers Premium
Players must be subscribed to your Twitch channel to be able to place pixels. Other players will still be able to request your approval. You can assign moderators to help you manage this.
Discord account required
Players will have to connect their discord account before being able to make a request (exceptions: Twitch/Guild fast access)
Enable protection tool Premium
This option adds a new tool that lets you protect some areas on the painting. Once protected, theses areas cannot be overwritten by anyone. You can also unprotect theses later on.
Allow Shop Items
Allow Pixel Missiles & Bombs to be used on your painting.

New Guild

Auto accept applications
Allow everyone to join your guild without requesting approval
Premium Subscription
Live users trackingDisplay players names next to where they place pixels (on all paintings) Click here for a demo
Paintings up to 3000x3000Create giants paintings
Unlock Cooldown settingNo more cooldown when placing pixels!
Access settingManage your painting access (Approval, Guild, Owner, Twitch)
Painting protection toolProtect, Un-protect or Replace big areas
Painting colors settingLimit your painting colors palette or choose a background one
4 new colors
Exclusive to premium subscribers
Paintings templatesMake your own Pixel World War
Access to Premium islandYou deserve a special island.
Premium chat & profile iconsStand out in the chat!
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Save 20%
$9.00 $7.20 billed
every 3 months
1-month plan
per month
Save 0%
$3.00 billed
every month
Stop your subscription at any time


Items can be used on paintings (that allow it) or gifted to others players.


1 000
1 000 coins
1 800
+ 200 BONUS
2 000 coins
4 000
+ 500 BONUS
4 500 coins
10 000
+ 1 500 BONUS
11 500 coins
28 500
+ 4 500 BONUS
33 000 coins

Your items


Claim your free coins!

We plan to add more ways to get free coins in the future.
We do giveaways too! Keep an eye at pixelplace.io/giveaway/


Display connections
Display your social medias accounts on your profile

Disable account

Please contact support@pixelplace.io for assistance with offboarding.

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Painting Access
To be able to place pixels on this painting, you have to request approval from its owner/moderators.

Painting rules

Painting managers



Requesting access

Twitch Subscriber Access

Are you a subscriber?

You can claim your access instantly!

Guild Member Access

Are you a member?

You can claim your access instantly!

Twitch Subscriber Access

If the painting owner is a Twitch partner/affiliate, he/her can enable instant access to its subscribers (in the painting settings), let him know!

Guild Member Access

Painting owner can enable a guild fast access, let him know!

Your access


Painting Access

Online players on this painting

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Chat moderator
Premium subscriber (1 year plan)
Premium subscriber (1 year plan)
Premium subscriber (3 months plan)
Premium subscriber (3 months plan)
Premium subscriber (1 month plan)
Premium subscriber (1 month plan)
Nitro (Discord booster)
VIP (Given by admins & moderators to a very few amazing people)
Discord Bread
Discord Bread
Top 3 Gifter
Top Discord Booster
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Pixelating in


Created by


Choose a payment method

We also accept Cryptocurrencies, contact us at
support@pixelplace.io or on Discord: Owmince#4813
+ /h
Upgrade to in


This is a private island. Only one player can own it and place pixels.

This island also produce
coins every hour!

Only the current owner can claim theses coins.
The more you wait, the more bonus coins there will be to claim!
But be aware, anyone can take the island from you and claim your hard mined coins!

Take control & steal the coins!

You can buy special forces to attack the island and take its control! You will have a 10 minutes protection after getting the ownership of the island before anyone else can attack it again. You will also steal all the unclaimed coins (minus 35% pirates fee).
Price increase by 10% everytime this island is attacked.
Price decrease by 30% every 24h without any attacks.

Recent owners


What can i do as the Island owner?

You can place pixels on the island, no one else can. It's yours and only yours. You also can claim coins mined by the the island pirates.

How do i mine coins?

Sit back & relax! Island pirates are working hard to create coins for you. You don't even need to be online!

How to claim coins?

To claim coins, you need to be the current island owner. You can become the owner by hitting the button Send troops & get ownership above. Coins left on the island will be automatically transfered to your account once you take ownership.

How does the claim bonus work?

The longer you DON'T claim the coins, the greater will be the claim bonus.
- 4 hours : bonus coins
- 8 hours : bonus coins
- 12 hours : bonus coins
- 24 hours : bonus coins

What if someone take the ownership from me?

You will lose access to the island and any coins unclaimed will be sent to the new owner (minus a 35% pirate fee).

Why a 35% pirate fee on the unclaimed coins?

Well... A pirate's gotta eat.

I took ownership but didn't get the unclaimed coins???

The previous owner may have claimed the coins just before you attacked. Check the past owners table above.